UK Manufactured Horticultural LED Lighting


Invisible Sun LED UK are Europe's premier manufacturer of LED driven horticultural lighting solutions.


Powered by SAMSUNG

All of our products are currently based around the very latest Samsung diodes including the LM301B, LM301H and the LH351H These white light diodes (301h / 301b) and variety of blues and red diodes (351H) are superior for horticultural purposes and produce some of the highest Lm/W readings in the industry today. The diodes we use in our products give rise to improved yields over HID lighting, reduced heat signatures, better penetration and higher photon production compared to traditional horticultural lighting, all these benefits come with a reduced use of energy of up to 40% and at an initial cost similar to their HID counterparts. This makes our products not only some of the most efficient lights on the market today but also some of the most affordable.

UK Manufacturing 

Invisible Sun pcb's are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom . They are designed to be utilized in a range of environments from home gardens to commercial scale operations.

Our chosen manufacturers are UL certified and manufacture Invisible Sun products to the following international recognized standards

ROHS-ISO9001:2008-SGS-UL Certification

Additionally each individual PCB is tested at point of manufacture to assure complete control of quality and to verify it meets the required standards. 

Invisible Sun products come with a 2 year guarantee and a 3 year warranty as standard.