ISH UVA 8 Supplemental lighting system - Powered by Seoul UV

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Features and Benefits

  • Add UVA to your indoor garden
  • 385,395nm & 405nm wave length triggers healthy root production
  • Improve uptake of nutrients
  • Improve flavor of end product

The ISH UVA8 is a supplemental lighting PCB which is designed to helps your plants sustain a healthier root zone and production, which in turn increases nutrient uptake and flavor production of the end product.

ISH UVA8 plug and play bundle. 

Fully assembled and finished supplemental lighting system. 


  • ISH UVA8 strip
  • Meanwell LPC 20 350 driver
  • Power Cable 
  • Heatsink
  • Hanging kit 
  • UV400 eye protection



up to 4ft x4ft 

Power Consumption


Invisible Sun LED products are manufactured to the following international standards




Invisible Sun ISH UVA8 comes with a 1 year guarantee and 1 year warranty .

Disclaimer : Invisible Sun LED UK limited produce lighting products for the horticultural industry, these are intended for the commercial horticultural industry and home hobby horticulturalists,  we are not responsible for our customers use of the lights once purchased.

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