ISH165 - Horticultural lighting system Powered by Samsung LED

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Board Type: Type R
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Benefits and Features 

  • Full cycle,  full spectrum grow light 
  • From Seedlings - Veg - Harvest
  • Includes Samsung Reds and blue for improved canopy penetration
  • Available in Type BR and Type R variants for Emerson effect
  • Fully Dimmable with option to daisy chain 12 lights with external dimmer
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • CE, ROHS


The ISH165 R / BR is a small but mighty light.  Multi purpose, full spectrum grow light. Whether using for seedlings , clones, veg or full cycle this light has it all. Fully dimmable via the external dimmer from 17w-165w at the wall. 

Now Powered by either our Type R or Type BR variants which include 300 Samsung LM301H and 18 Samsung LH351H Deep Red, Royal Blue and Far Red.  


ISH Type R
Speed up your plants metabolism by utilizing the Emerson effect, Deep red 660nm and far red 730nm work together to trigger this desired effect, will lead to faster finishing, a bit of stretch and increased metabolism. Perfect for the dedicated flowering rooms. 


Our fullest and most advanced spectrum yet, with a backbone of LM301H 3500k and additional 450nm, 660nm and 730nm wavelengths, we have all the right peaks in all the right places for the perfect full cycle grow light. 



The ISH165 R / BR

  • Fully assembled 
  • Samsung Mid power & high power LED
  • Meanwell Driver
  • Fully Dimmable with option to daisy chain 12 lights with external dimmer
  • 3m Power cable
  • 2.61 umols/J
  • Manufactured In the United Kingdom
  • CE, ROHS


560mm x 290mm x 40mm

Full Cycle / Flowering 6 square feet optimal 

Lamp Efficacy
2.61 umols/J

Power Consumption
17w - 165w  +/- 5%

Operating Temperature 
Rear of Heatsink 35c-40c

Driver 35c-40c

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